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Vitamins and pills

Contract Manufacturing

We mainly manufacture capsules. We have tablets, softgels, capsules, creams, powders, and liquids available.

Herbs and Spices

Raw Materials Searching

We have many connections with raw materials suppliers, so it will be easier to find your needs.



We help you making your own supplement formula that is suitable for your customers' needs.

Legal Research and Writing

NPN Licensing

We help you applying NPN (Natural Product Number) in Health Canada.

NPN is necessary if you want to sell your supplement products in Canada.

Editorial Design


We have in-house designer to make suitable label for the market.

Empty Factory


We are capable of producing maximum of 50,000 bottles daily.

We have variety of bottles selection in different sizes and colors.

Medicine Prescription


We package your products based on your needs. Your products are not only limited to put in bottles. We can package them in boxes, bags, blisters, sachets, and shrink wraps.

Cargo Ship

Importing and Exporting

Unlike other manufacturers, we can help you import and export your products to other countries, such as China.

We can help you exporting products outside Canada. We apply government documents to support your legal entrances to other countries.

We can help you importing products in Canada with our license.


Brand Name Marketing

Marketing is tough if you are not clear about your path. We sit down and identify your road ahead.

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